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Contacts Management

In this releaase, we introduce our latest feature; Contact Management. Contact Management allows you to add your business' key contacts like vendors, consultants and any other important business contact you may have. Information like address, phone, email, website and social media addresses can be stored for your contacts. You can also store notes for each contact to help share relevant information across your companies employees. Additionally, you can categorize your contacts into types (or categories) that you define.

To start using Contacts, just have your site admin enable the feature for your company.

Lastly, we introduced a minor update to the Customer list page. Now by default you can view the latest customers added to the system. This was added to the Contacts list page as well.

We hope you find the new features easy to use and help make CustomerTrackr an integral part of your companies continued success. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

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