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Now, Faster and Leaner

Over time, it happens to the best of us, we get complacent, a little heavy around the mid-section and sometimes, even a little slower. Since we started, we have been added a number of features to ensure you can easily manage your customers, contacts and orders.

But as time goes on, some of those features added a little too much to the product as a whole. This latest release helps "trim the fat."

No Tabs

First off, we got rid of the tab navigation that took up a lot of space and converted them to simple links in the header section. Don't worry, the dropdowns are still there. You will also notice the Control Panel, Scheduler and Logout links have been moved above the search.

We feel this makes it easier to navigate the site, since the links will always be present as you scroll down the page.

PJAX All The Things!

PJAX All The Things!

PJAX?!?! What is this all about? It's a bit tech nerdy, but basically it means to navigate to different pages without refreshing the whole page.

Previously, every click to a page would result in the browser redirecting the user to a new page. Doing so, would lead to a number inefficiencies, like having to rebuild the entire page when only a small piece of it changed or having to re-start all the interactions on the page. Doing this over and over again, made the site feel slow and wasted a lot of time.

With PJAX, we can utilize modern browsers to only change the parts of the pages that need too. Now, when you click to navigate to a customer or contact page, only a small section of the page will refresh. You should notice better navigation speed as you click through the site.

If you see any issues, please let us know.

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