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  • Now, Faster and Leaner

    Over time, it happens to the best of us, we get complacent, a little heavy around the mid-section and sometimes, even a little slower. Since we started, we have been added a number of features to ensure you can easily manage your customers, contacts and orders.

    But as time goes on, some of those features added a little too much to the product as a whole. This latest release helps "trim the fat."

    No Tabs

    First off, we got rid of the tab navigation that took up a lot of space and converted them to simple links in the header section. Don't worry, the dropdowns are still there. You will also notice the Control Panel, Scheduler and Logout links have been moved above the search.

    We feel this makes it easier to navigate the site, since the links will always be present as you scroll down the page.

    PJAX All The Things!

    PJAX All The Things!

    PJAX?!?! What is this all about? It's a bit tech nerdy, but basically it means to navigate to different pages without refreshing the whole page.

    Previously, every click to a page would result in the browser redirecting the user to a new page. Doing so, would lead to a number inefficiencies, like having to rebuild the entire page when only a small piece of it changed or having to re-start all the interactions on the page. Doing this over and over again, made the site feel slow and wasted a lot of time.

    With PJAX, we can utilize modern browsers to only change the parts of the pages that need too. Now, when you click to navigate to a customer or contact page, only a small section of the page will refresh. You should notice better navigation speed as you click through the site.

    If you see any issues, please let us know.

  • New Feature - Custom Fields

    You are now able to create customer custom fields. These fields add additional information that may not be covered by the standard address, phone and preference information that is available by default.

    Custom fields are easy to setup and use; just follow the steps below (assuming you are an admin):

    1. Go to the Settings -> Custom Fields page.
    2. Create any number of custom fields that you need.
    3. Then either add a new customer or edit an existing one.
    4. Below the customer information fields will be the custom fields you just created.
    5. Fill in the information and submit the form.
    6. Now you should be able to see that information on any customer profile, order or preview information page.

  • Migrating to YUI 3

    Its been a long long time but we finally migrated 95% (Scheduler is still on YUI 2) of all the client side code to use YUI 3. YUI 3 has been out for a few years now, but it was always lower on the priority list to migrate. There was always a better feature to build or the excuse of not wanting to break something that already works (see "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule).

    However, it was getting harder and harder to rely on the old, unsupported YUI to build new features into the site. Now that we have upgraded, we get the latest performance enhancements, full community support on an active project and new utiltizies and widgets to build exciting new features.

    You probably will not notice much of a difference on the site, but we think that's a good thing. Stay tuned for exciting new features that take advantage of this great library.

  • Customizable Referrals

    By popular demand, you can now create custom referral types for your companies' external order form. By default, CustomerTrackr gives you 15 or so referral options for your customers to choose from. Now you can add even more options that better fit your businesses needs.

    They can be configured under the Settings tab, just contact your companies admin to set it up.

  • User Directions & Style Update

    Directions from your address

    Now when you get directions to a customer or order address, it will use your profile's start address. If you do not have an address, then it uses your companies address like before.

    Style Update

    Simple font style update to Helvetica gives the site a more elegant and cleaner look and feel.

  • Contacts Management

    In this releaase, we introduce our latest feature; Contact Management. Contact Management allows you to add your business' key contacts like vendors, consultants and any other important business contact you may have. Information like address, phone, email, website and social media addresses can be stored for your contacts. You can also store notes for each contact to help share relevant information across your companies employees. Additionally, you can categorize your contacts into types (or categories) that you define.

    To start using Contacts, just have your site admin enable the feature for your company.

    Lastly, we introduced a minor update to the Customer list page. Now by default you can view the latest customers added to the system. This was added to the Contacts list page as well.

    We hope you find the new features easy to use and help make CustomerTrackr an integral part of your companies continued success. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

  • Schedule Half Hour Blocks

    • Minor update to scheduler to allow booking half hour appointments. Not sure why this wasn't allowed before, looked like it was just a bug on our end. Enjoy your extra half hour of free time :)

  • Customer Notes Field

    Minor updated released to include the customer notes field in the add customer form. Previously, you could only add notes once the customer was created. Now, you can add notes right when you create the customer profile.

  • Scheduler Updates

    We've added some new enhancements to scheduler to improve readability and functionality. Updates include:

    • Readability: More spacing to each appoinment cell in Day and Week view to make scanning through appointments easier.
    • Group filters: The ability to filter calendars by user has been around since the beginning. Now you can filter the calendar by groups. This makes it easier to show only the appointments you care about.
    • Smart Start: In Day/Week view, the calendar will auto scroll to your earliest appointment of the day (in Day view) or the week (in Week view). If there are no appointments for the given view, then the scroll will start at 7am. Most events are rarely scheduled in the middle of night, therefore it made sense to scroll the calendar to a more convenient time.

    We hope these enhancements make using the calendar better. If you see any issues or have feedback, please contact us

  • YUI Grid Builder

    • Migrated the layout grid to YUI Grid Builder, this adds more flexible support for mobile/tablet devices
    • Lots of code clean up

  • New Referral Fields

    • Added new referral fields Builder and Designer
    • Fixed bug where company name was not displayed

  • Improved Performance

    This release adds improved client side performance by combining all lazy loaded JavaScript files into one compiled version. The number of files lazy loaded was quite large, approx 14. Therefore, compressing these down to just 1 file download should improve the download and initialization time of the page.

    There are still more improvements to be made (e.g. migrating from YUI 2 to YUI 3, comboing all files), however, this was low hanging fruit that had been floating around for some time.

    Please use the Report a Bug link in the footer if you see any issues.

  • Customer Notes

    With this release, you now have the ability to add notes to customer profile pages. Adding a note is easy, follow the steps below:

    1. Go to the customer profile page
    2. Find the Customer Notes section and click "Add a new note"
    3. A form field will display, enter the note and click "submit"

  • Mobile Styles

    • Fixed styles on mobile devices
    • Added fixed position header

  • Welcome

    For a long time, people asked us, "Why don't you have a blog?" and we always said, "There isn't much to write about." But boy were we wrong. After some more thought, it hit us. "Wait! Blogs are not just for witty comments or for people more interesting than us." We realized that blogs can be used to share lots of good information we have about CustomerTrackr.

    Therefore, we plan to use this "blog" to post news, system maintenance, tips and release notes describing new features and site updates. We also hope to have guest posts from our users to detail how they use CustomerTrackr and share any tips from their experiences. If you want to share anything, send an email.

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