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Scheduler Updates

We've added some new enhancements to scheduler to improve readability and functionality. Updates include:

  • Readability: More spacing to each appoinment cell in Day and Week view to make scanning through appointments easier.
  • Group filters: The ability to filter calendars by user has been around since the beginning. Now you can filter the calendar by groups. This makes it easier to show only the appointments you care about.
  • Smart Start: In Day/Week view, the calendar will auto scroll to your earliest appointment of the day (in Day view) or the week (in Week view). If there are no appointments for the given view, then the scroll will start at 7am. Most events are rarely scheduled in the middle of night, therefore it made sense to scroll the calendar to a more convenient time.

We hope these enhancements make using the calendar better. If you see any issues or have feedback, please contact us

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